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January 18, 2023 at 9:32 pm #6949

(I’m a dumbass and posted this to the wrong place, so I’m posting it here, as well, and adding something I forgot to include in the original post.)

Howdy, all.

My name is Tara and I have an odd fascination with survival-type stuff. (Don’t we all? Isn’t that why we’re here?)

A little about me: I live in Texas and I’m a mom of three small children (5, 2.5, and 1). I’m also a CPA, but I left my job at the beginning of 2021 (yay for the Great Resignation) to work on a personal passion project, which takes up the vast majority of my time when I’m not doing laundry, because kids…you know?

I love hiking/backpacking/camping and I love to learn new outdoor skills and trying out new gear. I especially love planning backpacking trips and once upon a time considered doing it as a side gig, then kiddos came along. Maybe when they’re older…

I’ve read all of Clint Emerson’s books and I learned something new from each of them. I especially enjoyed the Combat Edition of 100 Deadly Skills because the different fighting styles are so interesting to me. I used to do HaganaH (yes the 2nd H is supposed to be capitalized), which is similar to Krav Maga, but different enough that it can’t be called Krav Maga (don’t ask me why; I’ve never done Krav Maga, but I did watch all the videos with Marcus Torgerson). I loved how violent it was.

Anyway. Glad to be here.