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October 25, 2022 at 3:43 pm #6634

G’day people

My name is Jasmine, hubby and I have 3 teenage boys. We’re from the Hunter Valley here in New South Wales, Australia. My father was in the Defence Force for 30years, so we got to see a bit of this wonderful land of ours growing up. I’ve been an admin bitch for the past 21 years for the same company. Looking forward to learning and implying these new found skills both in my home life and in my workplace. As a matter of fact, I have let my fellow female colleagues know about the “forget-me stick” (the rolled up newspaper baton), as some of the people we have had to deal with as of late, do not understand the meaning of “you have outstayed you welcome and need to leave now”. I figured it is better than throwing one of the computers at them, which would be a last resort  😉