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March 1, 2022 at 6:53 am #6173

Hello! My name is Danae I am 30yrs old, I come from a more quieter background I work in Healthcare for the Aged Care Community in Queensland, Australia.

I have a Family member in our Australian Air Force He has been deployed to a few places overseas, currently at home.

A large number of those I care for have served for our Country so it is a real pleasure in giving back what I can everyday, in retrospect it is rewarding to help everyone I can, either within my career or everyday life.

I have been following Clint for only a small amount of time and already I have felt so much more confident in myself from his book’s, video’s, Podcasts and his ability to Empower people through his words from his knowledge that I am really looking forward to being apart of this now. Thank you for having me here.